La Stampa International Fashion House

La Stampa is 100% Greek and since 1986 designs and produces unique, “easy to wear” clothes for women.

La Stampa uses eco friendly, soft fabrics and natural threads to create unique designs with love and respect for every type of body.

Showroom & Central Premises
10  Ko street, Metamorphosi, Athens
T : +30 210 34 12 088
F : +30 210 34 57 896

Lines are body friendly and clothes are design items that follow the busy and eclectic woman 24/7 with comfort and style.

Besides having 6 exclusive shops in Athens and a continuously developing retail net, La Stampa  loves to travel the world and is currently having presence in fashion markets as USA, UK, France, Italy and Sweden as well as Norway, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Canada and Australia, while is currently in negotiations with a high end retail chain in China.

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