Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Producer operates in the area of Achaia in the Peloponnese region, which exhibits a decades-long tradition of organic olive cultivation and organic olive oil extraction & processing.

Oranges, fresh

Our Producer is based in Chania, Crete, and descends from a long local tradition of orange producers. What distinguishes them is their:
  • love for the orange fruit
  • long family tradition
  • production know-how
  • respect for nature

Mantzavinos: processing & trade of greek Olives, Onions, Potatoes

Our Company deals with the processing, packaging and trade of edible olives as well as 2 specific argicultural products: potatoes and onions. We all-round modern processing plant, encompassing 700 sqm of facilities within a 14.000 sqm farming area

Fresh Capsicum (aka Fresh Red Peppers)

Our Producer is a large agricultural Cooperative, in the area of Xanthi, northern Greece, comprising hundreds of individual local capsicum farmers and producers

They take special pride in producing one of the finest and most exquisite types of fresh red capsicum

Nikolaki Marbles: marble, granite and fireplaces processing and trade

Our company, Nikolakis Marbles, has been operating in the area of marble, granite and fireplaces processing and trade since 1963

Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Producer's HISTORY
Our Producer operates in a beautiful and gifted with olives mountain village of Lesvos.

They descend from a long tradition of olive tree farming, since their family has been involved in olive harvesting for many generations.

Pure Thyme Honey

Greek Thyme honey (varieties: Lefkados, Loutraki, Anthi) serves as "Shield" against prostate cancer and breast cancer, according to research of the Laboratory of Biological Chemistry , Medical School of Athens: "The honey inhibits proliferation of prostate cancer and breast cancer".

Mediterranean Bites

Our Producer operates in the area of production and trading of Mediterranean nutrition goods that belong to the Mediterranean diet., with innovative, healthy and traditional products that have been widely accepted in all international markets.

Karyatiko Red wine

Our Wineproducer has his own vineyards and winery in a place called Karyes Lakonias in the Peloponesse region.
Along with experienced oinologists and a group of specialized staff, he has been producing his own wine for the past ten years, continuing a family wineproducing tradition of many decades.