Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Producer's HISTORY
Our Producer operates in a beautiful and gifted with olives mountain village of Lesvos.

They descend from a long tradition of olive tree farming, since their family has been involved in olive harvesting for many generations.
With hard work and the legacy of so many years of experience, they have come to possess worthy and fruitful groves, whose fruit produces valuable and nutritious Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
What makes our Producer's oil UNIQUE
  • Our Producer does not collect any fruit that has dropped to the ground.
  • The transfer of the fruit to certified organic mills is immediate, in order to avoid undermining the quality of the precious fruit
  • The olives are ground using optimum conditions, making sure the temperature is stable during the production process so that the oil is nutritious and of delicious quality
  • The low acidity of the final extra virgin olive oil, which is at a maximum of 0.7, is the best quality guarantee
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