Oranges, fresh

Our Producer is based in Chania, Crete, and descends from a long local tradition of orange producers. What distinguishes them is their:
  • love for the orange fruit
  • long family tradition
  • production know-how
  • respect for nature

Their orange trees are cultivated within their fully-owned land, but they also incorporate the orange production from numerous local producers who follow the same quality production standards.

Local conditions are ideal for this type of fruit, due to the mild climate, rich soil, and abundant watering facilities.

Our Producer's oranges, further to being a successful commercial product, encompass all the qualities and goodness of the Cretan nutritional principles, together with natural production means in order to ensure their excuisite taste and high nutrition value. That is the reason why their oranges are the product of preference for so many consumers, both in Greece and abroad.

Orange varieties are:
  • Valencia: available from May to September
  • Merlin: available from November to February
  • Newhall: available from September to November

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