Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Founded in 2012 our Olive Oil Producer is a family-run company with expertise in producing extra virgin olive oil and trading premium olive products, encompassing extensive knowledge and experience of olive oil production.

Plants and warehouses are based in Fylla Evia

They produce and export superior quality  extra virgin olive oil,  localy grown  and bottled in a glass bottle with a wooden handmade box made of  olive tree wood. Bottle sizes are of 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 500ml, 700ml, 750ml, 1lt, 1500 ml.

Acidity is between 0.3% and 0.8% All their customers can receive copies of the chemical analysis that certificies quality, as well as samples which can been tested and analyzed. Private labeling could also be accommodated.
Their capacity – Volume is  30tons per month , 2500 boxes per month , 150000 bottles per month
  • Region of Olive Oil and production: Fylla Evias, Greece
  • Organoleptic: Well balanced and rich flavor and aroma , golden-green color
  • Acidity: 0,3-0,8 %
  • Shelf-life (min): 24 months from the production date
  • Storage in cool and dark place
  • Packaging : Luxury glass bottle - Wooden box (100% olive wood) - Label handmade
Product pricing (depending on bottle type and olive oil quality):

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