Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Paste

Our Producer is a family company with a long experience and knowledge to produce olive oil. It was founded in Heraklion Crete in 1998, in order to standardize and trade in olive oil. It specializes in the trading of two categories of standardized olive oil: extra virgin and biological.

It also produces and trades olive paste, biological olive paste, olives and Delicatessen products, which combine the extra virgin olive oil with traditional Cretan herbs such as, thyme, rosemary, garlic and paprika flavor. All of our Producer’s products are tested for their quality by highly qualified personnel, in accordance with the international and European standards.

Our Producer is certified by DIO on the standardization and marketing of organic olive oil since 1999 and has received many awards for its products, from domestic and international agencies. It has also developed a significant export business to international markets such as Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Japan and participates annually in food and beverage fairs in Greece and abroad.

The company’s premises are close to Heraklion city and they fulfil the strict EU specifications concerning food and drinks. In its longtime operation,  our Producer has built remarkable capabilities, which include stainless steel storage tanks with a capacity of 1000 tons of oil and modern facilities for the standardization of olive oil.

All these years our Producer has managed to perfectly combine the enterprising spirit and innovation with the standardization of olive oil. Through the planning and the implementation of a complete business plan, they exploited the new technologies and created the ideal conditions for the standardization of their agricultural products.

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