Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wine, Honey

Our Producer's Products are the result of the collaboration of businesses with different activities, with long track record in the Greek and the international arena.  Our Producer has, as its main objective, the export of products based on the Mediterranean diet.

Their objectives:
  • Further development and distribution of high quality products
  • Selection of fine products, with an emphasis on organic and 'Delicatessen' products
  • Development of new products, in order to meet the specific needs of the new and growing markets
  • Improving and enhancing the overall image of Greek products
  • Absorption of local production
Our Producer specializes in fine Mediterranean food products. The selection of products is based on strict criteria, after exhaustive checks: background checks, inspections, certifications, standards, check on the collection process of raw material, checks on the manufacturing process.

Many of their products hold great international awards.

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