Organic Olive Oil, Olives, Honey

Our Producer is a Greek company aiming to promote authentic traditional products from the villages of Sparta to the international market. Taking into account the increasing interest about the Mediterranean Diet all over the world and the increasing demand for pure and authentic products in our daily life, they established a company that combines the tradition with the modern technology.

All their products are of excellent quality and have the following characteristics that make them special:
  • produced exclusively in the area of Sparta, in the Peloponese region, Greece
  • processed only in the traditional way
  • packed in certified packing plants
  • follow local recipes and flavors of Hellenic Mediterranean Diet
They produce high quality products, which owe their uniqueness and special characteristics to the inexhaustible wealth of the region; the arid olive groves related to the production of Kalamon olives and the rich flora of the slopes of Parnon and Taygetus related to the production of honey and herbs

Our Producer's goal is to bring these finest quality products to your table in the most traditional manner.

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