Extra Virgin & Organic Olive Oil

Our Producer’s goal is to discover the best olive oil that the Greek land has to offer to the consumer: only excellent Greek olive oil will do, which fulfil strict quality selection criteria.

Nowadays, a product’s quality isn’t guaranteed just by the statement of its origin. A serious and monitored production process is required with the purpose of improving and maintaining the product’s quality. The selection procedure that our Producer offers consists of different stages.
  • They travel throughout Greece to visit small, independent producers who with care, love and respect to Greek tradition and quality, offer something fine from their region.
  • They monitor the entire production procedure up to manufacturing, and only when they verify the product’s authentic value, do they partner with the producers.
  • All their olive oils are packaged at their place of origin under strict verifications and always by certified companies.
  • In order to embody an olive oil under their umbrella, it must have excellent quality and organoleptic characteristics, and constitute an integral part in Greek traditional diet.
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